Teacher Programs

Creative Computing Challenge Professional Learning: is structured to support teachers through the following summer and school year activities.

  • Introduction Workshop: 1 day workshop in spring prior to CCC Summer Institute.
  • CCC Summer Institute: 6-day experience for teachers to plan for integration of the curriculum in a scheduled class for the following school year.
  • CCC Summer Camp: 5-day camp experience (Student Learning) for local middle school/high school girls to participate in learning about applying computing content and practices to real-world situations by developing their own mobile applications. This Summer Camp serves as a learning lab for the teachers of the CCC Summer Institute to see in practice engaging students through peer collaboration, problem solving, and project-based learning.
  • Professional Learning Workshops: 4 full day workshops during the school year to further support teachers.
  • Classroom Visits: Members of the Creative Computing Challenge team will schedule classroom visitations with each teacher, again, to provide on-going support. These classroom visits are not teacher evaluations!
  • Program Improvement: teachers will have the opportunity to participate in a Pre- and Post- experience survey as well as interviews with our external evaluators to help us better understand and improve the Creative Computing Challenge Program for teachers.
  • Resources: Each teacher will receive an android tablet for his/her use. In addition, each teacher will receive on loan a classroom set of android tablets, 1 for each pair of students in the class for use during the school year.