Who We Are


Creative Computing Challenge: Partnership Model to Build Access to Relevant Computing Education for Underrepresented High School Students (CCC) is a five-year project funded by the National Science Foundation to improve teaching and learning in computing-related and other programs at Career and Technical Education (CTE) centers across New Hampshire. CCC provides professional learning and curriculum resources for CTE and high school teachers who are committed to teaching a rigorous and engaging computing curriculum to a diverse student population. Students will learn to apply computing content and practices to real-world situations.


Creative Computing Challenge Program uses a community-centered or ecosystem approach to engage students in the potential of computational thinking to solve problems that have local and personal relevance for them. Sammet & Kekelis (2016) quote the National Research Council, “The ecosystem in this context emphasizes evolving systems of interaction between individual girls (students), their families, communities, informal and formal learning environments and culture” (p.12). Updating the program title from Ecosystem Computing Challenge to Creative Computing Challenge opened greater possibilities for connecting with more teachers and students without changing the approach to engage students in the potential of using computational thinking practices to creatively solve issues of interest to them.


NSF-funded 5-year program (October 2013-September 2018)


Sammet, K. & Kekelis, L, 2016. Changing the Game for Girls in STEM: Findings on High Impact Programs and System-Building Strategies